Orlando’s Top Pool Deck Company

Orlando is an interesting place because it’s a mix of young people hanging out in theme parks and old people who’ve moved down to the area for their retirement years and don’t want to be bothered. In addition to an eclectic group of residents, Orlando, FL has a lot of pools. People buy homes in the area and everyone wants to install an in-ground pool for those days when you just don’t want to go to the beach, or for when the water is too cold. But, who do you choose to build it and install a pool deck?

Out of more than 40 pool deck companies in Orlando, we’ve selected Orlando Pool Decks as the #1 pool deck contractor for a few reasons. First, they have the highest ratings of any company in the area, which is difficult to do in this market. Second, they offer a ridiculous pool deck warranty that most businesses would never even consider providing to customers. Third, the quality of their work is unbelievable. They handle everything from pool deck repairs to concrete leveling, refinishing, and even Kool Deck application. We’ve interviewed 37 of their previous customers in the past week, and every single person had something good to say. That’s an amazing achievement if you ask us. Their customers ranged from small residential properties to large Orlando hotels with thousands of square feet of concrete decking. Those projects cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no matter what size it is, Orlando Pool Decks continues to surprise us.

Orlando Pool Decks is owned by Mike Anderson, a local resident who moved to the area back in the 1990’s. He worked on numerous other local businesses, helping friends and colleagues grow their businesses prior to starting his pool deck contracting company. Today, Orlando Pool Decks serves more than 300 customers in the 3-month stretch between June and August each year. Their large crews of skilled concrete contractors visit the site, knock out the project easily, and move on to the next one. If you’re looking for pool deck repair, resurfacing, or anything related in Orlando, FL, check them out by visiting their website.

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