Private Jet Charter from Vegas to Orlando

Everyone loves taking a private jet to their destinations. It’s fast, it’s sexy, it’s fun, and people get jealous when you can skip the line at the airport and breeze through TSA. When you rent a private plane, life is just better. It can be expensive though depending on the company you choose, that’s the only downside. If you’re looking to charter a private jet from Vegas to Orlando, LUX Private Jet Charter is the aviation company to choose. LUX makes jet rental easy with quick booking, affordable prices, and on-demand flights across the globe. I recently booked a 12-person Airbus for my honeymoon, flying from Las Vegas to Orlando, and it was amazing! The pilot was so nice, we had catered food ready-to-go in-flight, the seats were comfy, the views were insane because of their large windows, and we arrived early enough to see the sights before dinner. I’ve flown on plenty of other exclusive charters and none of them even compare to this. And, don’t even get me started on standard, commercial flights. Level up your life and go with LUX Private Jet Charter, you’ll thank me later.

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